Sunday, May 16, 2010

NRA Grassroots Workshop Summary

If you don't already subscribe to the NRA Institute for Legislative Action "Grassroots Alert" emails, go to the Grassroots Alert signup page and you will be on the inside track.  Below is the most recent edition, which describes a great event that the ILA folks put on at the 2010 NRA Annual Meetings in Charlotte. I was there and was privileged to meet other proactive like-minded people willing to go the extra mile to support our rights.

Vol. 17, No. 19      05/14/10

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Nearly 200 pro-gun patriots rolled up their sleeves and went to work at today's NRA-ILA Grassroots Workshop, held in conjunction with NRA's Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Charlotte, N.C.  Though most attendees were home state North Carolinians, NRA members represented states from across the country. Diversity in geography notwithstanding, all were united in a singular mission -- learning what MORE they could do to affect legislative change this year and prepare for the 2010 midterm elections!
As they do every year, many of NRA's Officers stopped by the Workshop to pay tribute to the attendees who serve as the tips of our grassroots arrow.  NRA President Ron Schmeits, NRA First Vice President David Keene, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, and NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox came to the podium and gave credit for NRA's successes to whom it rightly belongs -- our members and grassroots activists.  Each stressed the need for attendees to re-double their efforts this campaign season and to recruit others to join them.  Also in attendance were a number of NRA-ILA's Election Volunteer Coordinators (EVCs) -- who once again are prepared to lead the charge in recruiting and organizing pro-gun volunteers this election year.
Memberless VPC Decries Meeting of 70,000 of NRA's Members in Charlotte: For quite a long time now, the three or four anti-gun radicals that make up the Violence Policy Center haven't had much to show the Joyce Foundation for the hundreds of thousands of dollars the leftwing foundation wastefully pumps into the anti-gun group each year. As regular readers of the Alert well know, Second Amendment opponents' defeats have outnumbered their temporary successes by a wide margin lately.
John Lott to Unveil New Book at NRA Annual Meeting:  A decade ago, John Lott's best-selling More Guns, Less Crime shattered conventional wisdom about gun control, and changed the academic debate among criminologists and economists from how much gun ownership caused crime to increase, to how much it caused crime to decrease.
Get Your Copy of Stephen Halbrook's Freedmen, the Fourteenth Amendment, and the Right to Bear Arms, 1866-1876:  Does the Second Amendment apply to the states?  The Supreme Court will soon decide that critical question.  As that historic day approaches, there's no better time for all Americans to learn more about this issue.
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