Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Day for Liberty in Washington

   Dear Friends,

   Last summer and fall, I exhorted you to work your will at the ballot box on election day.  For many of us who value the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, that was a pretty successful evening.  NRA endorsed candidtes won approximately 85% of the time and together we in the 2nd Congressional District managed to replace a champion of the poor, misguided anti-gun agenda with a woman new to politics who centered her candidacy on restoring liberty.  As Bob Etheridge fades into the sunset, it is a new dawn for the citizens of the 2nd District and for America.  We worked hard to elect a pro-gun candidate and I have no doubt that your efforts put Renee Ellmers in the US House of Representatives.

   Renee Ellmers was sworn in about an hour ago.In a rare example of governmental efficiency, her Congressional website is up and running.  There you can subscribe to her electronic newsletter, send her your comments and ideas and otherwise keep an eye on what she is doing to support and strengthen our liberties.


  1. I love the NRA, but the NRA did NOT endorse Ellmers. I personally contacted you several times and never got squat. We did it without you, which is fine, but dont go acting like you were on board when you were not.

  2. With respect, the statement that the NRA did not support Congresswoman Ellmers is wrong. On the right side of this page, go to the search box and type "Renee Ellmers" to see the number of postings I made regarding their endorsement of her candidacy and my exhortations on her behalf.

    If that is not enough evidence for you, then visit

    Personally, I made over 1,100 phone calls on her behalf. I publicized the NRA endorsement on 5 different bulletin boards as well as this blog which generated 6,247 page views. After the election, I traveled from Smithfield to participate as a recount monitor in Henderson, NC when they needed volunteers to ensure the lawful conduct of the process.