Friday, June 25, 2010

How you can help..

1. If you have not already done so, register to vote. On election day, VOTE!  As a disabled veteran of the US Army, I get pretty emotional on this point, but I truly believe in my heart that one of the greatest ways to honor the sacrifices of those who have fallen in defense of our liberties is to exercise our right to vote.

2. Right now I'm working at building a network of volunteers that will be helping out candidates for office that support the 2nd Amendment. You have already taken the 1st step in that direction by reading this. I'd like to encourage you and your family, friends and neighbors who value our 2nd Amendment rights to join the team.  They can sign up on the NRA web site online or just shoot an e-mail to me at Join up - all it costs you is as much time as you are willing to devote to the cause.

3. If you see or hear of anything that might limit or impact our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, our hunting heritage or other similar issues, please let me know. We want to keep a close eye on these situations and take action together to preserve our liberties.   As these situations develop I will keep folks up to date on my blog, by e-mail and on the phone.

Working together, we can make good things happen and advance the cause of the 2nd Amendment liberties we all cherish.


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