Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So-called "Puppy Mill Bill" Hearing Delayed Until June 30.

The NC General Assembly Finance Committee has delayed hearing this bill.  I was up there yesterday and after talking to several aides & staffers I heard that the supporters of the bill pulled it because they were surprised and overwhelmed by the opposition that the NRA, it's members and other concerned citizens have expressed against this bill.

Rumor has it that HSUS et. al. are working with the principal sponsor (NC Sen. Don Davis)  to strategize on how to get it through the Committee. It is widely reported that it will come up again on June 30. On June 22, Davis, HSUS and others held a press conference to advance the bill that aired on a Raleigh TV station. If I didn't know better, I'd think that HSUS had put this story together for them.

This fight isn't over.  In fact, thanks to your support for liberty it is just beginning.  Please keep making those calls, writing e-mails and letting the members of the committee know you care.

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