Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Coming Up: Building Our Volunteer Network for the November Elections

Dear Friends,
The last few weeks I have been deeply involved in defeating the Commercial Breeder Bill in the NC Legislature. We were victorious, but now is not the time to rest on our laurels.  I'm going back to my primary function as the Election Volunteer Coordinator for the North Carolina 2nd Congressional District - recruiting and organizing liberty loving volunteers to assist candidates for office who support the 2nd Amendment.

In case you have not signed up, you can volunteer to join the NRA's FrontLines online or you can e-mail me and I will be delighted to help you sign up or answer your questions pertaining to this important program designed to perpetuate our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Election season traditionally starts on Labor Day (Monday, September 6) and ends when the last vote is cast on Election Day (Tuesday, November 2).  Between now and then, I plan to spend a considerable amount of time traveling across the district.  I hope to visit with like minded citizens at ranges, shooting competitions, guns shops and any venue where supporters of the 2nd Amendment are likely to gather.  I'll be asking for your help to get out and provide volunteer support and assistance to candidates who will represent our views.

On these pages I'll publish my schedule and invite your comments and questions on how together we can maximize the impact of our efforts. As always, I invite your suggestions and recommendations.

Thank you for your assistance and for continuing to support our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.


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