Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Commercial Breeder Bill Defeated

Dear Friends,
In case you have not heard, the Commercial Breeder Bill - SB-460 - seems to be dead for the current legislative session in Raleigh.  Press releases by the NRA and American Kennel Club give some additional details about what happened and what is next on this issue.
Last week was a busy one fighting the Commercial Breeder Bill in Raleigh at the House Finance Committee.  I had the chance to work with real professionals from the NRA, American Kennel Club, North Carolina Sporting Dog Association, the North Carolina Federation of Dog Clubs along with passionate volunteer advocates from all walks of life.  One thing we all had in common was a desire to perpetuate the liberty we all enjoy.

What is next regarding ending some of the more egregious abuses that some commercial breeders engage in?  The groups mentioned above want to work with the NC legislature to establish common sense, enforceable standards that are adequately resourced. Rather than create a bill open to interpretation and potential abuse, we want a law that specifically targets breeders not based on the number of intact females they own, but rather the number of dogs sold.  The legislators who opposed SB-460 generally agreed that this is a sound approach, and that all stakeholders should have a seat at the table when a new law is crafted.
Your letters, e-mails and calls to legislators were critical to achieving victory in defeating this bill.  In some talks with legislators, I heard several times that only the state budget and video gambling measures generated more public interest.  That is directly attributable to you.  
Your voice was heard!


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