Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Results

     Dear Friends,
     It was a long night and a short morning, but here are the results from our quest to safeguard our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
     Senator Richard Burr handily won re-election defeating Elaine Marshall 55% to her 43%.
     The US House of Representatives District 2 race is a bit murkier.  Renee Ellmers (NRA "AQ") received 91,920 votes while 6 term incumbent Rep. Bob Etheridge (NRA "D") received 89,821 votes and Libertarian candidate Tom Rose had 3,418.  Ellmers appears to have won by 2,099 votes or 1.13% but Etheridge has not conceded and news reports indicate he plans on calling for a recount.  Election law "experts" on local news discussions have said that an automatic recount is triggered if the margin is less than 1%.  Etheridge is 247 votes short of that point. We must remain vigilant to ensure that the verdict of the majority of the participating voters across the district prevails.
     In the North Carolina State Senate, there were 11 contests with 7 NRA endorsed candidates.  Of those, 6 of won and 1 lost.  Congratulations to Senators Berger, Jackson, Rouzer, Stevens, Meredith and Blake.  In the State House of Representatives, I'd like to congratulate the Representatives Collins, Daughtry, Wray, Crawford, Dollar, and Lewis. There were 19 contests with 9 NRA endorsed candidates where 6 of those won.
     All in all, it was a pretty good night for the supporters of the 2nd Amendment.  Together we were able to let Washington and Raleigh know that we value our rights and those who work against them had better find something else to do.  Last night was not the end, but rather another beginning as we continue to fight for freedom and restore the full intent envisioned by the founders of our Republic.  I invite all of you who value this important freedom to join me in continuing to support these fine men and women and to assist them on the frontlines as they advance the cause of our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
     Sincerely yours,
     Tom Goffe

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