Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ellmers Defeats Etheridge; Burr to Serve Second Term in Senate

     Dear Friends,
     Renee Ellmers, the NRA endorsed candidate, defeated 6 term US Representative Bob Etheridge in a race that surprised local and national pundits. Etheridge (NRA grade of "D") was widely expected to be re-elected. Ellmers campaign was buoyed by the NRA endorsement that was announced the Thursday before election day in a timely Grassroots Alert. Clearly, the NRA members made a decisive difference in a race where the margin of victory was 1.1%.

Of 185,189 votes cast, Ellmers won by 2,099.

Senator Richard Burr, our pro-gun voice in the United States Senate handily defeated anti-gun challenger Elaine Marshall to earn his second term.  He earned 55% of the vote compared to her 43%.

Thanks to all of you who volunteered, voted and stood tall for our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  Please join me in congratulating our new Congressman!

Sincerely yours,
Tom Goffe

More results for our RNA endorsed candidates will be posted in the morning.

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