Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Current NRA Endorsed Candidate List

Dear Friends,
As of today, the NRA has endorsed 25 candidates for national and state office.  This list comes from the NRA Political Victory Fund web site and you can count on it being updated as the election season continues. For the convenience of 2nd Amendment supporters outside of the 2nd Congressional District, I've listed all candidates across North Carolina and their web sites or Facebook pages.

United States Senate:  Richard Burr
United States House of Representatives: Renee Ellmers
  3rd District:  Walter Jones, Jr.
  5th District:  Virginia Foxx
  6th District:  Howard Coble
  8th District:  Larry Kissel
  10th District:  Patrick McHenry
  11th District: Heath Shuler
North Carolina State Senate:
  District 7: Doug Berger
  District 11: A. B. Swindell
  District 22: Harris Blake
  District 30: Don East
  District 34: Andrew Brock
  District 41: James Forrester
North Carolina State House of Representatives:
  District 20: Tristan Patterson
  District 22: William Brisson
  District 62: John Blust 
  District 70: Pat Hurley
  District 78: Harold Brubaker
  District 80: Jerry Dockham
  District 82: Jeff Barnhart
  District 94: Shirley Blackburn Randleman
  District 99: Nick Mackey
  District 104: Ruth Samuelson
  District 115: D. Bruce Goforth
  District 120: Roger West

These men and women are staunch supporters of our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  Please support them by joining the NRA Frontlines and above all be sure that you are eligible to exercise your right to vote in this important election.

Sincerely yours

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