Monday, September 27, 2010

Lessons Learned, Part II

Dear Friends,
     In her talk at the NRA Frontlines Kick-Off event last Saturday, Suzanne Anglewicz gave me another reason to help candidates who support the 2nd Amendment.  The short version is this: 2nd Amendment supporters clearly embrace the Constitution and the Constitution is the foundation of American liberty.  If you value your liberty, you will use it to work for candidates who fully support our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
     This election there are many issues that concern all voters, regardless of ideology. Jobs, war, taxes, spending, schools, health care - they are all important.  But all of those issues have one thing in common: liberty. Liberty to decide who represents us, liberty to fully voice our beliefs and opinions and the liberty to hold our representatives accountable to our will. Opponents to our Right to Keep and Bear Arms hold that this right is different. It cannot be fully entrusted to us and should be limited based on local needs that in practice are subject to changing conditions. Indeed, gun control advocates would say it is not really a civil right but a privilege based on their "enlightened" perception of "modern realities."  I disagree, and no less an authority than the US Supreme Court does as well. In their recent decisions, they have stopped the march of tyranny and restored the rule and spirit the founders envisioned. That is why we support the 2nd Amendment, work for candidates who value this civil right and hold them accountable. Nothing less than liberty is at stake.
     As Patrick Henry once said, "When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object." I think Governor Henry would be encouraged to know that 210 years after his death that the word "liberty" remains on our lips and the spirit still burns in our hearts.
     I hope that you will join me in working for liberty and continue to support candidates who embrace our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  Learn more about what you can do and join the NRA's Frontlines.
     Sincerely yours,
     Tom Goffe 

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