Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lessons Learned From the NRA Kick-Off Event

     Dear Friends,
     Last night I returned from the NRA Election Kick-Off Event in Monroe, NC - just outside of Charlotte.  It was fantastic to see so many NRA members who gathered to learn what they could do to contribute their talents and effort to ensure a victory in the elections next month.  Suzanne Anglewicz of the NRA made a great presentation of how we as members and volunteers can achieve maximum impact in getting candidates who support the 2nd Amendment elected to office.
     One thing Suzanne emphasized was that people who support the Right to Keep and Bear Arms are pretty easy to find. Go to a gun store, a range, a gun show or a sportsman's club and you are certain to find like-minded people who share our interest in guns, the shooting sports and hunting. Many of them might not be aware of the importance of the coming election and how we have a unique opportunity to make our voices heard in the current political climate. We need to talk to them about pro-gun candidates, the importance of voting and recruit them to join us on the NRA's Frontlines. When we engage people in places like that, we are less likely to get mired in a time-wasting, unproductive and ultimately frustrating exercise. While the NRA has about 4,000,000 members, there are over 80,000,000 gun owners who benefit from our efforts on their behalf. We need to get out where they are and get them involved.
     Suzanne was joined by Tom Korman, North Carolina's very own Campaign Field Representative (CFR).  Tom is working full time marhalling volunteers to help in key races across the state. Not every state has a CFR.  His presence emphasizes just how important our state is to the NRA's overall national effort. Suzanne and Tom's powers of persuasion were on display when it seemed that after the presentation was over I did not see anybody who left without getting stacks of bumper stickers, campaign literature or signing up to join the Frontlines.
     That was not all that happened yesterday - far from it.  I'll talk more about the event and lessons learned in future postings.  Until then - get out, talk to your families, friends and neighbors and educate them about how they can ensure the future of liberty by voting for candidates who support the 2nd Amendment.

Sincerely yours,
Tom Goffe

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