Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Join the Effort to Secure our Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Dear Friends,

If you are like me, I received two of my favorite magazines today - America's 1st Freedom and American Rifleman.  Before I had a chance to see what was inside, I saw that in the lower right corner was some contact information for me as YOUR Election Volunteer Coordinator.  As you all know, the National Rifle Association is the most influential civil rights organization in America.  That's right - the Right to Keep and Bear Arms IS a civil right, and it is up to us - the members - to ensure that this right is perpetuated for our children and future generations.

I am not as articulate as Wayne LaPierre, Chris Cox, Chuck Norris or even Ted Nugent at saying why this important right is worth fighting for.  What I can say is this: it is up to you and me to do the hard work of making sure that the people who represent us in Raleigh and Washington share our values where it comes to gun rights.  Not only that they share them, but they must also be able to make good things happen.  Together we will fight for stopping the erosion of our rights, and regain the full power and joys of liberty that have been degraded over the years.  That is why I joined the NRA. That is why I signed on as an Election Volunteer Coordinator, or EVC.

During election season, the EVCs serve as a link between pro-gun candidates who have been endorsed by the NRA Political Victory Fund as well as members of the NRA who want to do their part.  Some campaigns are blessed with large amounts of cash while others rely on the sweat and elbow grease of volunteers like us. Either way, you and I join together to give our candidates the best possible chance of victory.

For now, I'm going to ask you to review our current slate of endorsed candidates.  Also, take a look at the NRA web page that will introduce you to our Grassroots effort.  Then please join me in the NRA Frontlines, you can and sign up online.

Finally, please double check to ensure that you are registered to vote. I know the "R" word is one that makes my skin crawl, but you cannot vote to keep your liberty if you are not registered.

Sincerely yours,
Tom Goffe

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