Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Saw the Cost of Liberty Today

Dear Friends,
     If you didn't make it to the Fayetteville Gun Show today, it will still be running tomorrow from 10:00-5:00. Stop by and get bumper stickers, buttons, campaign literature and even some of the NRA's newest yard signs - though supplies are limited.  They have hundreds of tables and I can promise you one thing: mine is the only one that will give you something for nothing and won't ask for a donation!  As you enter the door, look towards 10 o'clock for the American flag and that is where you will find me.
     On a personal note, one thing made a huge impression on me today.  I go down to Ft. Bragg every so often to the PX and Commissary and can't help but notice all of the license plates denoting that the owner has earned the Purple Heart, Bronze Star or is a Disabled Veteran. As a disabled veteran myself I am kind of attuned to that sort of thing. But at the gun show I got to see and meet many of these young heroes behind the license plates. I was stunned at all the young men in wheelchairs, walking with prostheses, or with scars you won't see on the average college campus. You can't see that when you are just driving along the road.  It really hit home the high price they are paying for our freedom - joining the ranks knowing full well what could happen to them as opposed to the Cold War Army that I enlisted in.  And they do it anyway. Even now as I write this I have trouble keeping my emotions in check. I was overwhelmed with admiration, gratitude, empathy as well as sadness that what they do for all of us isn't properly acknowledged.  Thanks guys - you are carrying the torch of freedom in the finest American tradition. Even if we are remiss now, history will right that wrong.
     One way we can repay their sacrifice on the altar of freedom is to vote.  These courageous young people don't offer excuses on the battlefield - they get out therr, face their fears and get the job done. In this day and age, there isn't one American citizen in North Carolina who is able to check a box that has an excuse for not voting.  No excuses - just do it. Check your voter registration status. If you need to register, do it right now. You should  view a sample ballot, make your selections and then vote - either absentee, during early voting (Oct. 14-30) or find your local precinct,and go to the polls on November 2. There - you have the tools, now exercise the freedoms these heroes have purchased for you at the cost of life, limb and blood shed on the battlefield.
Tip of the day: the new and improved NRA Political Victory Fund website is now fully operational.  Among other things, it has official NRA candidate grades and endorsements available for your consideration.  If you are an NRA member, please visit this useful online tool prior to election day and join me in supporting these candidates.
     Sincerely yours,
     Tom Goffe

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  1. I've forwarded a link to this post to family and friends who live outside of North Carolina. If you want to register to vote, you can use this link ( or Google your State Board of Elections for more information.