Monday, October 4, 2010

The NRA's Election Target

     Dear Friends,
     Every day we hear the word "target" used countless ways. "Eli Manning's pass missed the target and was intercepted."  "Politician "X" is targeting his message to undecided voters." "Spending targets are aimed at helping helping poor people." The list of how the word is used goes on and on.  In this election season, the NRA is using the word as a way of implementing their strategy to elect people to office who support the 2nd Amendment. There is nothing unexpected or unusual about that.  As athletes say all too often in interviews, now they are "taking it to the next level."
     At the recent NRA Election Kick-Off Event near Charlotte there was the usual collection of bumper stickers, yard signs, bumper stickers and doughnuts. Nice, but not surprising or exciting.  What caught my eye was that they were also giving out targets to promote the election. "Now that is a stroke of genius" I thought. Everybody who goes shooting is going to need targets. They might be paper, steel silhouettes, clay pigeons or old cans.  But to print out a target with a reminder to "Vote On Target" was such a simple idea that I was hit with the "why didn't I think of that" feeling.  At the top was an invitation to "Join NRA-ILA on the Frontlines!" and on the bottom was a place for Campaign Field Representative contact information. In our case, that would be Tom Korman. It has certainly resonated with folks as I found out last weekend at the Fayetteville Gun Show.  Once the word got out that the "NRA guy" was giving out free targets, there was a constant stream of people asking for them. It didn't take long before I gave out every last one. For those who'd bought a new gun and a couple of boxes of ammo, it was a natural. More importantly, it helped us to get our message out. For those of you who couldn't get there and missed out - never fear.  If you click this link you can get one and print out as many as your printer and ink supply can handle.
     I wish you safe shooting, and hope that you will visit again tomorrow to learn more about the recently updated NRA candidate grades and endorsements.
     Tip of the day: some readers of my blog might not have grown up with English as their first language.  To help them out I've added a new widget on the right hand side that will allow them to translate this blog into the language of their choice, be it Spanish, German, Italian or even Swedish or Swahili. You can find it between the "Search" box and the NRA-ILA news feed.  I hope that this new feature helps to make this easier for them to enjoy.
     Sincerely yours,
     Tom Goffe

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