Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NRA Ratings Across Our District

     Dear Friends,
     As of today, the following list shows the official National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) candidate ratings.  In those races where an endorsement has been made, I have highlighted that designation.  Please note that the NRA does NOT make an endorsement in every race, nor do they consider the party of a candidate nor their stances on issues outside the 2nd Amendment in their endorsements.  More detailed information about their grades and current endorsements are online at the NRA-PVF web site.
     For the record, I am a volunteer donating my time and effort to support NRA endorsed candidates.  I do not represent them in any capacity. I do not endorse candidates, never have and never will as a part of my duties supporting the NRA. I am not a party to the endorsement process in any way, shape or form. Those determinations are made by the NRA Political Victory Fund using an established endorsement policy.  Members of the NRA or other citizens interested in the cause of liberty espoused by the 2nd Amendment should make their opinions and preferences known to the NRA by calling them at (800) 392-8683 or use the NRA-PVF online contact form. Candidates are listed in order based on their NRA rating.

US Senate
   Richard Burr (A) Endorsed
   Elaine Marshall (?)

US House of Representatives
   Renee Ellmers (AQ)
   Bob Etheridge (D)

North Carolina Senate
District 7
   Doug Berger (A+) Endorsed
   Michael Schriver (B+)
District 10
   Brent Jackson (AQ) Endorsed
   Dewey Hudson (?)
District 11
   A. B. Swindell (A) Endorsed
   E. S. "Buck" Newton (A-)
District 12
   David Rouzer (A) Endorsed
   Jody McLeod (?)
District 14
   Dan Blue (C+)
   Geoffrey M. Hurlburt (?)
District 16
   Josh Stein (B-)
   Michael Beezly (?)
District 17
   Richard Stevens (B+) Endorsed
   David Donovan (?)
District 18
   Roger Gerber (AQ)
   Bob Atwater (B)
District 19
   Wesley Meredith (AQ) Endorsed
   Margaret Highsmith Dickson (C+)
District 21
   Wade Fowler (AQ)
   Eric Mansfield (?)
District 22
   Harris D. Blake (A) Endorsed

North Carolina House of Representatives
District 7
   Angela R. Bryant (C)
District 21
   DeAnn G. Poirier (?)
   Larry M. Bell (C-)
District 25
   Jeffrey L. Collins (A-) Endorsed
   Randy Stewart (?)
District 26
   Leo Daughtry (A) Endorsed
District 27
    Michael H. Wray (A-) Endorsed
District 28
    James H. Langdon, Jr. (C+)
    Brian Allen (?)
District 32
   Jim Crawford (A-) Endorsed
District 33
   Paul Terrell (AQ)
   Rosa Gill (?)
District 35
   Don Frantz (AQ) Endorsed
   Jennifer Weiss (F)
District 36
   Nelson Dollar (A-) Endorsed
   Robin Anderson (?)
District 38
   Madison E. Shook (AQ)
   Deborah K. Ross (F)
District 42
   Marvin W. Lucas (A-)
District 43
   Elmer Floyd (?)
District 44
   Johnny Dawkins (B+)
   Diane Parfitt (?)
District 45
   Jackie Warner (AQ) Endorsed
   Rick Glazier (C+)
District 49
   Glen Bradley (AQ)
   John May (?)
District 51
   Michael Stone (?)
   Jimmy L. Love, Sr. (A) Endorsed
District 53
   David Lewis (A-) Endorsed
   Abraham Oudeh (?)
District 54
   Cathy Wright (B+)
   Joe Hackney (F)
   Tip of the day - questions, comments or concerns concerning these endorsements should be addressed directly to the NRA at (800) 392-8683.

Sincerely yours,
Tom Goffe

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